Nela’s Chair Report – 13 July, 2011

There’s been a flurry of activity in the MAT workshop in the past few days and Pollie, Nanda, Nicola, Alice and me were joined by Kavin and Ilze in our efforts to get things soldered for the Threads and Yarn (aka ‘flower project’) collaboration with Central Saint Martins ! Brill !
We were further joined by Sara and Becky (just back from NY) for a meet up about CHI-Tek teapot making for V&A (to be installed on the 7th September). We opened up a bottle of bubbly, had some colorful cup-cakes made by our resident cake maker/PComp detective Alice and raised our paper cups to toast G.Hack getting the QMUL Small Grant for Development of Learning and Teaching, Alice winning the British Federation of Women Graduates Scholarship in the form of the M H Joseph prize for academic excellence (awesome or what?!?) Nic and Kavin passing Stage One (Yay!) and Becky starting up a business (Go Becky !).
Still plenty left to do (meeting at CSM to go through all the last minute requirements on Thursday, install on Sunday and opening on Monday) but really excited about it all !!! Some news about our collaboration with Central Saint Martins has already appeared here: and we just received the full programme for 18 July for the Threads and Yarn event at the V&A which looks awesome !
Go G.Hack !!!

Champagne and cup-cake

Nanda teaching Kavin some new tricks 🙂

Nic having fun with heat-shrink-wire-wrap-drying

Pollie looking after an 'LED patient' in the 'A&E' corner

Soldered √ LED's tested √ Connections heat-shrunk √ Yay ! Flower 6 is done !

I am helping Nanda sort out a misbehaving perf-board. Bad perf, bad!

Problem solving - G.Hack way !

Wires everywhere - not a problem ...

... 'PComp detective' Alice is on the case !



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