Nela’s Chair Report – 4 December, 2011

Christmas is around the corner and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to tie up all loose ends before 2012 comes knocking on the door. The workshop is currently closed for refurbishment so skill sharing and planning G.Hack activities for 2012 continues at various other spaces around the QMUL campus. At the moment, as long as there is heat and power we’re a happy bunch. Come January the soldering withdrawal symptoms will become a bit more acute and so will our desire to get stuck into designing a new workshop or indeed a new installation. One thing is for sure, we can’t go into the new year without a blog update (I already received one nudge email this week) and a few photos from the first two official G.Hack workshops of the 2011, Just a switch at V&A and T-Hack with G.Hack at the Space. They were the first but will certainly not be the last !

‘T-Hack with G.Hack’, 19 November 2011, Space

Ilze presenting SMLT, Alice printing fiducials and myself (erm ... my laptop screen) printing sound recording tips

Alice explaining how Processing, ReacTIVision and MaxMsp work together ...

and doing a quick intro to Logic so participants can edit sounds they recorded earlier that day around Hackney

Nic taking the participants through a simple example of Processing code working with ReacTIVision

Magda making sense of it all for the first time 🙂 Go Magda !


‘Just a switch’, 3 November 2011, V&A

'Just a switch' mastermind Berit, showing us how to 'prepare' 110 wires for switches ...

and how graphite can be fun and messy !

Pollie is teaching participants about the concept of 'switch'

Nic is making a 'masterpiece' ...

out of paper, graphite, conductive yarn, conductive foam and copper

'Prepared stylophone'


more switches made with paper ...

rubber ball ...

textile ...

and conductive foam 🙂

'Just a switch' poster

'What goes up must come down', G.Hack troops clearing up the V&A whilst Berit is catching a flight to Berlin to do the next workshop, busy girl !



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