Nela’s Chair report – 24 July, 2011

There is no rest for the wicked ! The Threads and Yarns exhibition opened at the V&A on Monday and by Friday the preparation for Chi-TEK exhibition already gathered momentum with emails flying around and G.Hack wiki filling up with ideas on possible design concepts, context and technology.

More info on this in weeks to come but for now let me just say a BIG THANK YOU to Jo Morrison and Rebecca Hoyes from Central Saint Martins for giving us a wonderful opportunity to work on a high profile public engagement project, students from BA textile Design for helping out and teaching us the art of flower-making, V&A staff for making the installing and dismantling of the exhibition go so smoothly and of course, Peter McOwan from Queen Mary University of London for getting the ball rolling in the first place !!!

Last but not least a HUGE THANK YOU to my superb G.Hack team for making it all happen ! GIRLS YOU ROCK !!!

Until the next report I will leave you with a few images from a VERY BUSY weekend indeed !

*photos courtesy of Jo Morrison

Final testing in the workshop

Transporting interactive flowers to V&A

Waiting for V&A passes ...

Waiting for artwork assembly ...

and eating chocolate biscuits to pass the time 🙂

Adjusting LED's

Adjusting wiring

Attaching interactive flowers

Cleaning (saw dust and electronics don't go well together!)

Installing the speakers

Connecting the wiring

Yay ! All working beautifully !!!

Nic is in charge of quality control ...

Nanda is ready for a well deserved nap ...

and Alice is ... wondering how we managed to do it all in such a short timeframe !

Installation supergal team: Nicola, Nela, Alice, Nanda and Pollie

The installation night before was super quiet shhhhhhhh

But the opening was super buzzy !!!*

The artwork sparked up some interesting conversations ...*

and was looking, lighting and sounding FANTASTIC !!!*

G.Hack team learning how to make flowers 🙂

5.30pm - time to dismantle the artwork ...*

disconnect the wires ...

and pack up (until the exhibition goes on the road later this year!)

The last gals standing (and celebrating with peppermint tea, mango lassie and some strange pine kernel drink - very rock'n'roll indeed !!!)

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