G.Hack collaborating with TeenTech

The students (2nd from left, centre and 2nd from right) and their teacher (right) from Skinners' Academy visiting us at Queen Mary's for a workshop on textiles and wearable technology

G.Hack participated in this year’s TeenTech Awards as a mentor for a team of students from Skinners’ Academy, London. We supported the three students from Skinners’ on a project in the ‘wearable technology’ category. In early February we invited them therefore to Queen Mary’s for a skill sharing workshop, in which Antonella, Berit and Laurel demonstrated and explained some of the wearable technology that they use in their research projects.

The G.Hack team was also involved in judging the ‘wearable technology’ category for the Awards and one of our team, Katja, will be representing the school and G.Hack at the final round at Royal Society on 24 June. More on this subject soon!

TeenTech G.Hack team: Nela, Laurel, Patrizia and Katja

About TeenTech:

TeenTech is an award winning, industry-led initiative, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson that runs events and activities to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology.


Patricia, Katja (& Nela) judging TeenTech 'wearable technology' category entries


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