G.Hack at Teen Tech Awards, 24 June 2013

The Winning Teams of the TeenTech Awards

After having judged the entries in the “Wearable Technology” in the first round of judging to help determine the finalists, G.Hack was invited to help determine the winners in this category at the TeenTech Awards at the Royal Society on 24th of June.

The four finalist teams of the “Wearable Technology” category did an amazing job in presenting to us their ideas and prototypes so that in the end it was a really tough decision to take. The Welland Park Academy from Leicestershire eventually won the race with their “Pressure Boots”, shoes that harness power while you are walking and thus allow charging mobile devices on the go.

Congratulations again to the winners but also to all of the other teams that participated in the Awards. Your ideas and projects have been truly inspiring! Keep it up!

More about the TeenTech Awards at:

TeenTech Awards 2013: The Winners!

Katja discussing the projects with the other two judges of the “Wearable Technology” category, Patrick Bossert (centre) and┬áDave Deventer (right)

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