G.Hack @MusicTechFest, IRCAM, Paris

G.Hack troops returned from another successful workshop taking place at IRCAM as part of Music Tech Fest 21-23 November. We taught a group of women from different tech/ music backgrounds (and countries) how to hack Web Audio API to make a soundmap of Centre Pompidou, got the ‘thumbs up’ from the participants and the MTF organizers (so another collaboration might just be on the cards!). A BIG THANK YOU goes to our supervisors (Tony Stockman, Nick Bryan-Kinns and Simon Dixon), the amazing Mark Plumbley and the QMUL Platform Grant panel who approved the G.Hack travel funding application!
And what can we say about the G.Hack troops Patrizia, Katja, Magdalena and Nela ??? Well .. they certainly went ‘above and beyond’ by working at evenings and weekends to make this workshop a great success and to ‘represent’ QMUL as a place of female tech-talent ! (hmm this sounds like a title for a TV show, maybe a project for 2015 ?). Magda discovered her passion for teaching coding (so you might find her following in her father’s footsteps when she submits her PhD). Katja discovered hacking into Leapmotion and Web Audio API can be pretty addictive (and is probably poking around the code right now!). Patricia discovered her expertise in French and coding are better than she thought they were and Nela discovered her greatest talent might just be in “public speaking” having presented not once but twice in the course of the weekend (sounds like she might be following in her father’s footsteps too!).
Whilst the future of the MTF G.Hack team is slowly unravelling we leave you with some photos from the event (including the amazing G.Hack poster designed by our colleagues at MTF in French and English!)
MTF team designed this awesome G.Hack poster (in French and English!)

Nela presenting G.Hack project

Magda doing a last run-through the new coding slides

Sorting wi-fi for the workshop with IRCAM/MTF peeps

Magda, Katja and Patrizia troubleshooting local hosting on Windows 8

G.Hack workshop in full swing with Magda and Katja helping participants troubleshoot

Gail has hacked the Centre Pompidou soundmap !

Dinner at amazing Japanese bistro Sanukiya (recommended by Stacy)

Magda, Stacy (software engineer from San Francisco, workshop participant and Sanukiya host!), Patrizia and Nela at Pont des Arts

After dinner, cake and more hacking Katja and Magda are ready to hit the bed !

The morning after the workshop: Magda and Katja discussing history of religion after visiting Notre Dame ...

... whilst Patrizia is catching up on sleep in hotel lobby !

A few crêpes and café au lait's later, Katja and Patrizia are calculating XY co-ordinates for FryMachine hack images !




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