FryMachine Hack by G.Hack

We finally did it ! Finished, filmed and submitted ! Done !!!

After doing the Web Audio API workshop for female hackers at MTF in Paris,  G.Hack troops Nela, Katja, Magda and Patrizia joined the other hackers at MTF Hack Camp and found out about the YourFry digital storytelling challenge. We decided to build on the Web Audio API hack to create a drum machine that people can play on tablets and smartphones. Rani and Stacey joined us for a bit (Rani made the photo grid for the drum machine) but as we had to leave Paris early (to get back to our PhD research and thesis writing) we only managed to finish the hack and submit it to YourFry website a week later. As it turned out, the most challenging part of making the FryMachine Hack was trying to edit the video footage on iMovie! Apparently to delete a portion of footage you select it and than choose ‘reject’ ??? (memo to self: must have words with Apple peeps about this one!)

Some photos of making of the FryMachine Hack video are below. We will upload the hack to QMUL server and post the link to it soon, so you can play with it on your tablet or smartphone ! To all of the folks out there who might be appalled by our iMovie video editing skills (or there lack of), we suggest you treat the FryMachine Hack video as just one of the ‘hacks’!

Enjoy !

Stage set !

Virtual G.Hackers set !

Demo set (and working phew!)


Video is here: FryMachine_Hack_by_GHack

Link to the FryMachine Hack by G.Hack is coming soon !


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