Celebrating 5 Years of G.Hack Project!

They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and the past 5 years with G.Hack have certainly flown by! As our members were slowly finishing their PhD’s and starting their new adventures (in the UK as well as worldwide), we decided to have one last event to celebrate all the exhibitions, conferences, talks, workshops and public engagement activities we did since establishing G.Hack in 2011. We also wanted to thank all the AWESOME PEEPS involved in G.Hack over the past 5 years as well as all the AWESOME PEEPS supporting G.Hack project in various ways (from funding our activities and inviting us to share our project with the general public to advising us and supporting us relentlessly!).

And what better way to do just that, than to invite everyone who contributed to the project to travel with us down the 5-year long memory lane, as we remember with fondness all the fun we had in G.Hack since 2011!

Nela taking us all 'down the memory lane' and presenting '5 Years of G.Hack'

For all these very special people on this very special occasion, we felt a special ‘THANK YOU’ present was a must, so Katja expertly designed Certificates of Awesomeness (yes, that’s right, AWESOMENESS!) and G.Hack mugs (with photos of different projects we did over the years) so we can give these out to everyone who was able to join us on that Wednesday afternoon (and of course, find a way to get it to the awesome peeps who were not able to come).

(Katja) Inspecting samples and doing final tweaks to mug designs

Web Audio API workshop 'work in process' looks particularly cool on a mug don't you think?

... as do the Certificates of Awesomeness (this one is going to Magda, when she is back in London for her VIVA!)

Katja is going down the list of peeps and writing names on mugs and certificates ...

... which erm ... took a while 🙂

After the presentation, we continued catching up with everyone who came to the event over some very nice food and drinks courtesy of the School of EECS  (a BIG THANK YOU to the Head of School, Geraint Wiggins, for approving the expenditure for this!).

Catching up over food and drinks 🙂

At the very last minute, we remembered to get the camera out and take a photo of the ‘last peeps standing’ so here it is …

Dan Stowell (who is a big fan of G.Hack) with G.Hackers: Becky, Katja, Tian & Mi


Pollie Barden, Ilze Black, Melissa Bliss, Nela Brown, Patricia Carlota, Tian Cheng, Magdalena Chudy, Alice Clifford, Ioana Dalca, Sam Duffy, Berit Greinke, Sara Heitlinger, Katja Knecht,Katerina Kosta, Nanda Khaorapapong, Antonella Mazzoni, Kavin Preethi Narasimhan, Laurel Smith Pardue, Nicola Plant, Rebecca Stewart, Mi Tian and Sonia Wilkie.


From the School of EECS: Mathieu Barthet, Isobel Bates, Ben Bengler, Geetha Bommireddy, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Sharon Cording, Hayley Cork, Paul Curzon, June Coster, Ho (Kok Ho Huen), Henrik Ekeus, Chris Harte, Pat Healey, Phil Jones, Tim Kay, Richard Kelly, Laura King, Tom King, Holger Kirchhoff, Julie Macdonald, Ursula Martin, Fiore Martin, Peter McOwan, Tony Stockman, Andrew McPherson, Fabrizio Smeraldi, Dave Meckin, Duncan Menzies, Colin Powell, Mark Plumbley, Claire Revell, Ella Rice, Mark Sandler, Jyoti Salhan, Bogdan Vera, Caroline Wardle, Graham White, Geraint Wiggins, Dave Wilkinson, Jonathan Winfield, Lukazs Zalewski, Melissa Yeo

From QMUL: Nicola Brebner, Michelle Clement, Hazel Covill, Lucie Dubinik, Sian Halkyard, Neha Okhandiar, Mike Watkinson

External supporters: Rebecca Hoyes, Joanna Morrison, Anne Marr (CSM), Emilie Giles & Sophie McDonald (MzTek), Irini-Mirena Papadimitriou (V&A), Ben Selby (Digital Shoreditch), Adele Fleming (Twinings), Gaetan Parseihian, Charles Gondre, Olivier Derrien & Richard Kronland-Martinet (LMA-CNRS), Andrew Dubber & Michaela Magas (MTF), Maggie Philbin (TeenTech), Anna Higueras (Sonar).

Go G.Hack!


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