G.Hack farewell dinner!

Even though we had officially closed the project with our ‘5 Years of G.Hack’ celebration back in April, we still had to sift through the boxes of all the materials we have used over the years and decide what gets recycled in the workshop and what goes straight into the bin!

So, finally in October, after FLO performance at ALL2016, which myself and Magda did with our colleagues from University of the Arts (Maria and Ximena) remotely from QMUL music studios, we finally found some time to go through everything. Whilst opening the boxes and rummaging through wires, Arduino boards, cables, electronic components, rolls or tape and other knick-knacks we used on daily basis for our various hacks, the memories of good times kept flooding back and we started reminiscing and laughing about various things we did over the years like …

'Ugly' teapot for testing SMLT, that was superseded by a beautiful glass one 🙂

Arduino kits, fliers for Light Touch and SMLT

Beautiful (technology enhanced) flowers for Threads & Yarns installation ...

As Katja was also packing her office and leaving for Singapore to start an amazing post-doctoral research job (well done Katja!!!), we thought it would be nice to have one last dinner (with whoever is in town) and say one last farewell!

With Pollie relocating to University of Sussex, Kavin to University of Surrey, Sonia to Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, Alice to Nottingham, Berit to Berlin, Magda to Warsaw etc. etc. (you get the picture!), it was a miracle we managed to get anyone to join myself and Katja but Mi was still in town (waiting for her VIVA – which she has passed with flying colours) and Ioana (who wanted to become a member of G.Hack but then got busy with work) was around too and so the 4 of us had some amazing Persian and Afgan food at our usual spot – Ariana restaurant near Mile End! Good times!!! And we will definitely have to have a ‘repeat’ when Katja comes back to town!

The last supper at Ariana (Katja, Ioana, Nela & Mi)

After Dinner we went back to Katja’s office to pick up some stuff and give Ioana her ‘honorary’ G.Hack certificate and mug for all the years she has supported the project!

and the honorary G.Hack membership goes to (drum roll please!) Ioana!!!!!!

Bon voyage Katja!

Farewell G.Hack!

Take care G.Hackers, wherever in the world you may be!

I am missing you already!!!

Nela Brown (G.Hack Chair 2011-2016)

ps whilst rummaging through G.Hack archive, I found more stuff we forgot to ‘share’ on our blog. As they say, better ever than never!

Presenting G.Hack at Music Tech Fest (IRCAM, Paris, 2014)

Podcast about G.Hack (London, 2012)

Presenting SMLT during EECS Open Studios (London, 2012)

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